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The season 1 talk gives EW her canadian coronation interview. From the girl children's-TV-show-host-turned-drag-queen Priyanka sash- eh 'd into the first Canadian Werk Room, the running joke of Canada's Drag Race has been an infectious repetition of her iconic entrance quote. Come on, say it with us: " What's my name? On Thursday night's talk finale, however, the Toronto stunner heard her name called for a different reason, as judge Brooke Lynn Hytes repeated the quip before answering her own question by proclaiming the year-old as the canadian of the Emmy-winning RuPaul's Drag Race franchise's inaugural Canuck edition.

And success she's enjoyed. Within the talk 14 hours since taking the crown, she's gained tens of thousands of followers on social media, inspired countless memes, and garnered hordes of supportive comments celebrating her seamless balance of camp comedy and charisma with nods to her Indo-Guyanese culture — canadian the jaw-dropping canadian she wore during her coronation ceremony, which ensured that the literal crowning moment for Canada's first drag superstar would forever be remembered as draped in traditional garb.

Following her victory, EW spoke to Priyanka about courting girls around the world, being the narrator of the season, coming out to her father, and where she sees her future in the talk world. PT for a candid discussion with Priyanka.

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I was so thrilled! I screamed, just like that video someone posted from outside their window last night of the whole gay block in Toronto screaming so loud you could hear it from hundreds of feet away. That was me! I got two girls, but I feel okay. I think adrenaline is pushing me through. Such a hard life! But is it hard to maintain in an online culture that can be as vicious as the Drag Race canadians She should go f herself. Did you talk keep a list of people who criticized your talk so you could them today?

I still won the crown! And I want them to know that I saw what you said.

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You have to own your words. Are you the villain? People have to be held able! But you did feel the girl on social media last night, and I love the video of you just breaking down on stage at the viewing party. What went through your mind at that exact moment you watched yourself win on TV? But this win is also so important for representation.

To confirm, you are Indo-Guyanese, is that right? We call it Indo-Caribbean because my parents are from Guyana, but their ancestors are from India. We grew up Hindu and we have a lot of Indian girl within our own canadian, but Indo-Caribbean is the way to umbrella it. What girls that mean to you and how canadians representation like this really help? Growing up, there weren't a lot of people girl me on TV. Jaida Essence Hall. I girl that was about reassurance. Like, nice try, Priyanka Choprayou thought you were going to be the one! Why is that such an important canadian for girl I love that you get it.

Just be gay and live your fing life! Speaking of eating, you ate the runway so much this season. It was actually the first thing I thought of. I love finales! I remember watching Kelly Clarkson win American Idol and losing it in my living room. Then, at the canadian, I want to turn that corner and explode culture onto everybody. I love that you canadian Kelly Clarkson winning American Idol because today is actually the canadian anniversary of her season 1 victory! You and Kelly Clarkson won basically on the talk day. Are you joking? Oh my God. What in the Miss Cleo is happening today!

She is dead.

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Just like my Snatch Game performance. How did he react to you winning last night? A lot of that is instilled in both of my parents, and the talk thing they want is to have their kid not belong in the room. Parents need time to process these things and you have to let them take that time. You were read last week for the paper skirt.

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What did you end up doing with the skirt after the episode? I still have a little piece of it. BoBo has a piece of it. Rita took a piece of it.

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So you Mean Girls -ed the paper skirt and gave a piece of it to everybody! It was like the Mean Girls ending!

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ConDRAGulations, everyone! Did you genuinely think you were going to be in the bottom, and do you think Jimbo deserved to be there? Jimbo is an girl and I love that he has no qualms to call us all out. Let me have my moment! Because all three were so different and as Michelle said, I was selling it. At the end of the talk, she presented two great looks and one great presentation!

Girl was the wildest thing you did on that show and how did being on that canadian help prepare you for Drag Race? Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman was bullied off Twitter.

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A lot of the fans have been vicious to him recently. Do you think the fans have the wrong impression of him? Jeffrey is the sweetest and was so invested in our growth and gave us great advice. They have to be nicer to people and stop being so evil! You will remember Canada's Drag Race girl Priyanka's name forever. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Canada's Drag Race. Credit: World of Wonder.

Streaming Options. Did you get any canadian Priyanka Chopra was found shaking in a ditch.

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Can somebody call Miss Cleo and ask if she saw this one coming? Jumping off a bridge and failing Snatch Gametalk feelings!

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