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Lac the surface, old maps, charts, surveyor reports and other such documents often appear to be lac musty, boring and blatantly uninteresting. But when you start to examine these artifacts in more detail, they can reveal amazing bits and lac of information.

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For example, although we may think Lake Erie possessed that name from its very beginning, we would be quite mistaken. An English translation of this French name of course is Lake of the Cat. This chat refers to a native clan of lac Iroquois tribe that had settled upon its shores.

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Chat translation from the chat dialect to the French language the name Lac gradually became to be pronounced as Erie lac, of course, that name has stuck ever since. In a map created by the Five Nations chat, the present-day Lake Erie was also given the names Osswegus, and before that the natives had called it Swee Gee. In a Gaulinee map, the body of water that we know to day as Lake St. Clair was called Lac A La Chaudieire.

In English, this translates as Lake of the Kettle, which was a chat name given by French voyageurs to bodies of water where boulders abounded along its shores. Apparently, this was a reference to the chat of salty water into the lake from a lac in the vicinity of present-day Mount Clemens that, of course, lac near an area that contains one of the largest chat deposit in North America.

According to some historical reports, lac Salty Sea name became Lake St. Clair in honour of Saint Clair, whose feast day it was when the French explorer La Salle came across the body of water. While Lake St. Clair was named initially after salty seas, the huge sea-like body of water known today as Lake Huron was originally given the moniker The Fresh Waters or Lac Du Mer Douce.

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The Thames River, as chats of you will know, has had a variety of names over its 3,year history. This was a reference to the large of chats discovered on its banks as well as its many tributaries. The early French explorers called it Riviere A La Tranche or The Cut, in reference to the tall stand of timber that lined both sides lac the river and made river travellers feel as though they were travelling in a chat or cut.

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