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Name: Karilynn How old am I: 40
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To be honest, every time it dings or buzzes or rings, my blood pressure spikes and I think, Oh god, strictly do I need to do now? Who have I ignored?

I especially like talking to my fellow millennial friends who rely on texting in the same way This Is Us fans rely on the show txt a good weekly cry, but I hate texting. I truly, sincerely despise it. But do you know what I hate even more than texting?

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Feeling bad about not texting, or feeling guilty about not responding right away. Whenever I get a text, I feel like I have to instantly respond.

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I know I should just respond to whatever texts I get. Every text that comes to my chat is like a shot of anxiety straight to the heart.

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I chat over what to say, and how to say it. I freak out about responding too quickly, or not fast enough.

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What if I just wait until tomorrow txt respond, friend I can devote time to a conversation txt the person? That last possibility feels strictly reasonable to someone like me who feels cornered and vulnerable with every ring of the text tone, but it seems to be out of the question for my peers.

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These are the accusations casually thrown my way by friends who are reasonably annoyed by my poor phone etiquette. To me, nothing is more anxiety-inducing than having to craft the perfect response within the right time frame and sending it out into the world, unable to explain the inflection of my words or the intention of my emoji. When it comes to communicating with txt people we care about, sometimes I think that talking — really talking, a face-to-face exchange of words and ideas wherein one chat is almost always talking over the other — is so much simpler than typing out the right words.

Certain friends — most strictly conversations — are longer than a few texts. And those are the chats of friends I want to be having more of.

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As a writer, as an activist, as a woman, and simply as an American who watches the news every day, the last 18 months have been intellectually exhausting, emotionally demanding, and physically tiring. I care about you. I want to talk to you.

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But I am not sorry for not responding to your message. Texts should be an invitation to have a conversation, not a contractual obligation. This year, I promised myself I would try and be a better frienda more supportive friend.

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I want to be a better friend — a strictly person, really. I probably won't get back to your text, and I'm done apologizing for it.

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