Use instead this direct link which is much more reliable: I am using a Windows 7 64 Bits host with a Windows 10 64 Bits VM and I am experiencing the same problem of sounds crackling and sometimes not working since the Windows 10 anniversary update. I also tried to enable verbose audio debugging but did not see the expected output — I think the wiki must be out of date there. Fix is part of 5. Changed 22 months ago by BSmith attachment VBox. Also check the device manager in the guest and see if there is a problem with the sound driver. It happened since I upgraded to Virtualbox 5.

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Unfortunately the VirtualBox devs don’t seem to be setting time aside to focus on this. Also check the device manager in the guest and see if there is a problem with the sound driver. This is what Microsoft apparently did in VirtualPC and auxio works virtualbox ich ac97 audio well. I’m not sure if I did something wrong but I followed instructions carefully and didn’t notice any blatant errors.

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Users browsing this forum: It almost certainly doesn’t support both. Years ago it virtialbox more of a “sound clipping” problem. Pulse Audio also works but it still had stutters 3. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Virtualbox ich ac97 audio.


I haven’t had reason to debug these kinds of problems before. Reply with quote Re: Reply with quote Re: Suddenly akdio experiencing this after the latest windows virtualbox ich ac97 audio update I uninstalled all updates windows allowed me too As for the virgualbox from your log, I get those too. I searched for tips on configuration similar to graphics card configuration to get various screen resolution modes but to no avail. That means it really isn’t wise to choose to emulate only modern hardware.

Originally Posted by SatishP. If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response.

This is definitely not what I see in the BIOS virtuaobox of one of my PCs where both configurations are possible, so the hardware must certainly support both working modes.

Also, I’m not sure if others have mentioned, audio and video sync is lost very badly.

If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. Make sure you follow the instructions virtualboox ticket very closely. I have a very similar VBox.

Really the bug or limitation is not limited to Win64, and I really think it is on the auvio, not on the guest even sudio there’s no more supported device for it, all alternate drivers FOR WIN32 do not work: Strange enough, my PC supports both AC97 and HDA it also supports some old games that just support the SB16 working modedo virtualbox ich ac97 audio mean that it actually has two parallel devices?


The listed hardware IDs are the virtualbox ich ac97 audio as you posted.

Not suspended, not paused. Last edited by KaeptnIglu on ICH6 is not only hard disk controller, but whole chipset specification.

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It may explain why this audio device is no longer supported by Intel, Microsoft, or the OEM manufacturers ixh included it. So, I switched those settings to the default listed above.

Right now the best option is to work hard until it is meeting our expectations, not bothering the users with frequently changing behavior moving the problem from one place to another. June 5th, 3. Last modified 8 years ago.

Verbose logging enabled” does not appear in my Vbox.