What i suggest is that you continuously press delete at boot, go into bios, change some settings, press F10, reboot,press delete again and if you still don’t see your drive,try others settings,press F10 etc. This site uses cookies. Thanks again for the help. I had to burn the files on the root directory, but when Vista tried to install I popped in the CD’s and it had to uncheck the “Hide drivers that are not compatible with this computer’s hardware” I tried both the Win and the Ultra XP drivers but each time there was still no drive appearing after I hit Refresh. I’m not sure what kind of drivers Setup wants. You do need to do it for the Promise controller as we’ve been telling you. The time now is

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But I’m running out of options. I was right about the txtsetup. If I unplug it from the array while computer is ON, then I can’t plug it back unless I reboot and have my drive already connected.

Help Promise Sata (non raid) Windows install

Home Help Search Login Register. I think Xp setup is doing the same thing.


XP – Now Win7. Two things come to mind from past experience with this board. Any ideas would be appreciated. Xplanes Jun 24, Chaz, that’s a very good tips!

FastTrak 376/378 Drivers

Is this a limitation of the Promise Chipset? I’ll try the asus site in case they have corectly signed x64 drivers.

You’re a good searcher, I couldn’t find it myself while looking on the web. That is Raid 0.

Find More Posts by ilgidi. None of the 32 bit links work anymore. It took me a while to figure this out also!

Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. I checked in peripherals and tried to update configuration for new material but nothing For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Logandros Windows 7 Bit 6 posts. This is done when installing W XP. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts promise fasttrak 378 raid participate. So we have 2 issues here: Use the asus cd that came with the motherboard, worked for me. I got a stop error promise fasttrak 378 raid it rebooted to the C: I’m sure it’s not PSU-related. Get everything thing out of your head about Intel and your SATA setup on the Promise controlled ports, it’s a different animal all together.


Ive tried multiple Bios settings under “On chip Ide configuration” If you read my earlier post I had a problem with my current Windows install loading raid drivers by default. Promise Fast Trak 1. Here are the links again: Seems you didn’t input right. Its not hard find the promise fasttrak 378 raid in device manager go update or installdriver and have the floppy ready as this is only way oromise install it then connect one sata drive at a time do control plus f at boot and create an array of one drive do it a second time for the second drive.

The problem is i’m having is that i can’t find any sata fasttrqk for my Promise controller. Floppy was made according to “makedisk.

After F6 it gives me the following choices