It’s faster than my MacBook Air: So why burning dead dinos? Renewable energy always are the best and first choice!! This is a serious design flaw. If that source ever gets exhausted

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Logitech K Solar Wireless Keyboard with Power Monitor App

Solar power is fantastic!! And there’s no worries concerning battery change I don’t have to search for batteries and can use it right away when needed. I hope to get this one. Blyetooth K has letters that are just like stickers on top of the key.

Because, they are eco friendly and dont need batteries! No more replacing batteries?

Logitech Solar Keyboards K and K Review and Giveaway

I can just use it: The save money since you don’t have to replace batteries. Is this keyboard compatible with PCs as well as Macs?

I have a keyboard tray on my desk and keyboard wires need to be managed so they don’t droop down on my knees: Choosing a selection will reload the bluefooth. This unit has less power consumption as it works on solar energy Looking for more See all results: They have so many fine features using green energy everyone wants to own one especially me.


I frequently work in the dark during late night programming sessions. Bcoz, they are solar powered n occupies less space. And in the case of the K, a Unifying wireless receiver with extending dongle for hard to reach places like the back of your desktop computer as well as a microfiber cloth — more on the Unifying receiver later.

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And they don’t take up a whole lot of room. Are the keys backlit? There are no batteries to worry about and it’s very comfortable.

Because you get the pros of having a bluftooth keyboard without the biggest con: Solar power saves the environment! They work very well and require no battery changes, ever! Just the black keyboard showed a longer resistance before the letters rub off.

D And you always can throw it to your partner’s head if they upset you enough, with no need to unplug it first: It gets rid of wires and batteries care. It turns out the K could go farther, probably because a Bluetooth signal can travel farther than the Unifying signal. Setup takes seconds—you simply plug the wireless receiver into a Bluetoooth port on your computer and start using your keyboard right away without software.


Everybody needs a keyboard like this. They do not need batteries and keep gong on and on and on Even better if you duct tape scissors to the end of it. They are handy because they are cordless so no clutter of wires or tangling etc. Who wants to use anything you don’t have to use batteries for they just end up in landfills damaging the environment.

Relatively low light conditions, never needing a battery.