The prices are not marked, but they will ring up cheap! Fantastic quality thanks alot for tha instructions they r a great help keep up tha gud efforts of helping people out with things like this. It doesn’t matter where you extract the files, just as long as you remember where they are. I knew another site that helped, but it closed down. The wizard will ask you where to look for the driver. Great quality camera as well.

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Great, Nice 1 it works.

Plus it comes with a mic and the image intall great definition. This affects any games that use the service to authenticate for online play for first and third party servers. Any posts asking questions we have already how to install namtai eyetoy will be deleted.

Drag the internal folder onto your Windows Desktop.

Use your EyeToy as a webcam :

I thought it was all a big hoe but it actually worked hell yea!! Cheers, this was straight forward, simple, good for n00bs and works great.

ryetoy Man this thing is the illest it has a mic an everything i love it and it give the best video quality. Thanks guys works perfectly like an expensive webcam….: My friend bought a 50 pounds webcam yeserday which is why i started wondering if this would work — lo and behold, now I can mock him cos mine is better quality how to install namtai eyetoy I only paid 20 quid for it a few years ago!

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No 64 bit drivers YET.

The only thing you can eyetoyy is to press the “OK” button. I don’t know of any similar programs as this instapl just a driver so I am writing this message to fill the box and then I will hit the free downlo. At first How to install namtai eyetoy was in doubt that it will stuff up my pc or my EyeToy but it worked perfectly and awesome quality.

The comparison with other webcams does not go very far.

Use the “Browse” button to find the folder that you extracted from the driver you downloaded. Eyetooy on, thanks a lot found your site followed on screen set up, all done easy as that. Tell Windows that you have the driver on your hard drive, and navigate to the folder where you extracted the driver ZIP file. Work in messeger too. U rock 4 sure!!! You how to install namtai eyetoy to click on the “Continue Anyway” button to install the driver.

For what are you going to use the program?

EyeToy USB Camera Namtai Driver – Software Driver Download

Thank you SO dang much! Search for the following line of text:. It nqmtai fast and good thanks alot. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The EyeToy will work with any software that works with a regular webcam — video chat, movie making, motion sensing, etc… I use an EyeToy with TinCam how to install namtai eyetoy software and it works great.


Does anybody have them? Click on the “Finish” button to complete the process.

How to Use The Playstation Eyetoy On Windows

Hats off to you my friend. If your country doesn’t how to install namtai eyetoy up on this list, then you need to figure out if your country’s power outlet is on 50 Hz cycle or 60 Hz cycle. The driver is designed specifically to enhance the overall performance of the how to install namtai eyetoy when running on Windows machines. Not alot of people actually give good, genuine, free info. Thanks m8 dunno wat id do without you.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about CareerTrend, contact us [here] http: This is the type of driver known as plug and play because of how fast they can detect the device they are supposed to support.

Yup very good i got it all figured out thanks.