Lutz Logged krysd Member Posts: I don’t really know too much about alarms, so I thought I’d try using the DL to set up my nx8, nx6, nx4 and a nx4v2. June 14, , I have about feet of cable running from the computer to the panel could this be the problem? Finally press the Direct Connect button or F11 to connect.

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SMF – Just Installed!

Problems with DL and NXE

The frame remains the same, so as you already know April 29, nx-588r, New versions mainly deal with new modules being released and some communication bug fixes. Btw, this is an incomplete install done by the worlds most unprofessional alarm installer. April 22, Reverting it back to version 5. Check nc-588e is in the “Baud rate” setting and Binary is checked in the “Protocol” setting.

This tends to get rid of most of the problems.

May 11, Well that didn’t work some incompatibility issues with Vista and GE security was kind enough to give me the cold shoulder when asking for help. It comes up with the error message, “Error Reading data from module number I did everything as you stated, but it still comes up with the same error.


Why don’t you give it a try with a laptop? I do not have a laptop with xp. August 15, I ‘ll have one in hand maybe tomorrow.


Hi TxRancher, As I told you earlier the only add-on to the E is the ability of uploading the complete firmware with the aid of a little program called NXProg. April 21, Nx–588e has been a single case where a customer had to start the PC in safe mode to nx–588e the change. April 25, Real Knowledge From Real People. Now he installs home theater systems Did you miss your activation email?

The distance you mention is within specs for keypads and some modules. Waiting for your feedback. KevKan on May 11, As for the usual programing of the configuration and setup the E behaves exactly the same as the E with the only difference being it’s USB port, which actually is an RS emulator.

I’m just trying to get this done for my parents. Im currently running Windows 7 and have installed the DL software and running it under Windows XP SP3 compatibility with the option enabled to run as administrator.


The Nxe has buss active led blinking and USB status constantly on. KevKan Gold Member Posts: April 23, June 29, The NXe interface is rather new and currently is not imported in Greece where I live but I remember reading the specs and the manual some time ago. Finally press the Direct Connect button or F11 to connect.

DL will not work if there is no active account created and opened.