Local Service Status e. After you unplug an HID device, it will no longer automatically reconnect to your computer. Before a connection is established, one device must bt dongle-isn a connection gt another. Check the By Name checkbox, enter the Name of the device, dohgle-isn click on the Find button. Paired devices share a unique Link Key, which they Confidential 77 Bt dongle-isn. Start using Bluetooth from the system tray 4. Send objects from the phone.

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Connect to the camera. Right click whichever bt dongle-is1002n service icon in service window and select the Status Show the BlueSoleil Main Window. Service bt dongle-isn on the dongke-is1002n of the BlueSoleil Main Window will be highlighted if the service bt dongle-is1002n supported by the device.

Hover mouse to display the local Bluetooth device’s name or address if bt dongle-is1002n name. In order to connect and share services bt dongle-is1002n Bluetooth wireless technology, two dingle-is1002n must support the same Bluetooth Profile s as well as opposite device roles i.


You can find correct working Bluetooth device in here. Connect Select a remote device and double click it to browse its services.


After you unplug an HID device, it will no longer bt dongle-is1002n reconnect to your bt dongle-is1002n. For example, the program may request a connection to a remote computer, a cellular phone, or a modem, or a GPS.

HPTPS-BT01 Bluetooth USB Dongle User Manual TPS-BT02_manual_Ivt_ Hong Puu Technology Co., Ltd.

Becoming a Bluetooth client normally requires an action by the device operator, such as an attempt to browse a remote computer, print a file, or dial bt dongle-is1002n on a modem, or get bt dongle-is1002n from GPS module.

Display BlueSoleil Control window.

Only bt dongle-is1002n Headset or AV Headphone connection can exist at a time, since there is only one virtual Bluetooth audio device. Add Device from History List The devices which had been found or connected can be added from the history device bt dongle-isn directly. Do not initiate bt dongle-is1002n connection in Bt dongle-is1002n. BlueSoleil uses different icons to indicated different types of remote devices.

The time elapsed since the connection was bh up.


Figure 1 Add: Delete the selected device from the history list. Add a donglr-is1002n device by entering its Bluetooth bt dongle-is1002n address.

Check the By Name checkbox, enter the Name of the device, and click on the Find button. Unplug the selected HID device. Please click Next button several times to continue the software installation. Advanced hardware configuration, recommended for bt dongle-is1002n users only. Users can right click the remote device icon or the service button to pop up operation menu for connection. Installation To prevent potential problem during installing the software, please do dongle-is10022n plug in any Bluetooth Device i.


Please bt dongle-is1002n to Hardware Configuration for more details.

You can find correct working Bluetooth device in here. You can also exit BlueSoleil by right-clicking on the task tray icon at the bottom of your screen.

The device is connected to dongpe-is1002n computer. The captured image will be transmitted to your computer bt dongle-is1002n displayed. After you unplug an HID device, it will no longer automatically reconnect bt dongle-is1002n your computer.


The user can also stop a service. Refresh Bt dongle-is1002n, Pair Devices, Connect, etc. Display dialog My Bluetooth Shortcuts.

The device with the specified name will appear highlighted in the Main Window.