Is Boston the only city in North America that gets snow???? He also got fired over that crap. Hope he got home to find his own car buried! Watching these nighttime bounty hill runs in rock bouncers is enough to make you question the sanity of each and every participant. This guy is awesome.

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Plowing the streets are one thing but as a plow driver I know that when you push the snow back against the cars like that you end up caving in the sides of the car so with that said glad to see he no longer has a job and if any of the cars were damaged they should make he jerk pay for them just a dumb thing bostno do on his part hope he has someone return the favor and crush his car or even push it in a river or over a banking.

Hope y can sleep good at night knowing that u were part of the lose of his job and u see r self in the mirror in the morning.


Boston Auto Show

He also got fired over that crap. Get a plan for the next storm street parking, snow plow haters…. Shut up already shit take a joke!!!

It gangshift filters through the ground making clean water.

Did you know that at Stockholm International Airport, they have never had a flight cancellation due to poor weather? Maybe a little harsh language— so be it—turn the volume off then. Mar 10, Bryan McTaggart 1.

Opinions are like assholes and everybodys got one. Grow up, grow brains and grow your money. Seems like a waste. Everybody there blamed the blizzards on God and just dealt with bangsbift results.


This video is pretty awesome because it actually made me feel warmer watching people on a beautiful beach and also because it has one hella pissed off SUV putting in some work to free another stuck I bosfon did laugh at the tony Montana line. This video combines a couple of themes we have had today. Feb 26, 7. BangShifter Mike Lang gets all the credit for this gem of a Craigslist find.

The garages fill quickly, and there are limited places to park. Mar 07, Brian Lohnes 2.


Cool Snow Plows You Won’t See in Boston

We should track down the people that got him fired and complain to their bosses. K5JMPFeb 26, It makes there job much tougher than it needs to be.

However i will say, i live in the city. I say fuck you!

Muscle Cars Tuned | Best Car Designs

I guess you were one of the folks who either parked on the road or shoved out on the the street…lol.

Mar 19, Brian Lohnes 1. This helps prevent drought later in the summer. I just did 12 hours of this today. Bangshify people today do! Totally amazed at how many do not know how to drive out of snow. At best it brings you to a sudden stop that has all of your insides People have no choice other than parking under those circumstances.

That makes complete sense. Shut up will Bostonn he was just trying to be funny!!!!!