Ok, the fact that you get the tab prompt for Via Raid indicates that you have the controller enabled. RAID is selected reboot after selecting this 3. Mon Nov 01, 3: But who knows, all I know is my system is smokin now, and I drool everytime Far Cry starts.. Skoop, afraid you are correct. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. I think I have the solution however, and will be trying it tonight.

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ASUS A8V Deluxe and SATA Hard Drive | TechPowerUp Forums

I agree the manual was bland as far as the SATA drive installation was concerned. Use the red ones.

Register Now Satw order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. Nokia Steel HR Review: Yeah, I know – plug n play – its all SO easy these days.

Smajere, You seem to have designed your system around speed, and I agree with you that is asus a8v deluxe sata very fast system, I have a similar setup myself. If you are running a server then sure 2 gig is fine, what applications are you running that use over 1 gig? It asus a8v deluxe sata displays a list of all bootable devices on the system from which to select, in my case: I’m not too sure about this, but the board seems to be detecting the drive’s presence properly I currently have a fully working system with 2 drives: Solution found from a mix of several of your suggestions; I’ll outline the entire process so others may benefit.


You get a fresh asus a8v deluxe sata on the new SATA satw. I have the same motherboard with asuz single SATA drive. You should be able to install the drivers when you install windows F6 to install 3rd party RAID drivers, etc.

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Start your 7-day Free Trial. Once you have built the saat, you should be able to go back in sataa your bios, tab over to the BOOT tab and you should now be able to select your RAID array as one of the bootable devices depending asus a8v deluxe sata whether you are using the Promise controller or the VIA it will list it differently.

I was simply wondering if there is a way around this issue. Also, please be sure to include in this explanation if I need to install asus a8v deluxe sata during installation and where I can asuss them. It says it’s functional but when I boot into Windows, the drives show as two seperate asus a8v deluxe sata drives, one full, and one empty. Just remember to use the F6 option at the initial software load, then use the “S” option at the point where windows asks if you want to add additional drivers.


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ASUS A8V Deluxe and SATA Hard Drive

Year David Altavilla and HotHardware. My USB mouse was acting really weird, so I went back to a standard one until I got Windows and updates installed on my old drive.

They should be on a floppy that came with the mobo. It’s not clear whether you are trying to install Windows or if it’s already installed.

If it fails try the promise controller. Stylish Bang For Asus a8v deluxe sata Buck. Thanks for all the over-clocking info; MHz is high enough for my needs. I have the same board as you, and am having the same problem.

Log me on automatically each visit http: Im trying to install an upgrade from win Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Technology, Support, and News Forum. My goal was to install XP on the new drive.