The close proximity of the flash head to the lens produced surprisingly even illumination at closest approach, much better than most digicams we’ve tested. Return all camera settings to their default values a handy option, if you have several adjustments made on multiple menus, and want to return to normal operation quickly. In the , setting the manual white balance involves making a menu selection, pointing the camera at a white surface illuminated by the light source in question, and then triggering the camera to adjust its white balance to that specific target. The following four settings are available: If using a Macintosh computer, use the special Mac adapter cable provided.

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We found agga its low-light capability belied the official ISO value, though. While we didn’t test this directly, we heard from at least one reader who discovered that the exposure modes will sometimes “cheat” a bit, using a larger aperture than that selected, or a longer shutter speed, if the camera thinks it needs more light than the settings you chose would allow.

Agfa ePhoto Digital Photography Review

You can still see JPEG artifacts, but they are greatly reduced relative ephoro those in the unmodified camera image.

PC Card adapter, FlashPath adapter, whatever. On the other hand, we’d like some positive indication of the camera’s success or lack thereof in achieving focus. The side-mounted EasyPilot wheel lets you very quickly bring up the menu system, navigate to the item you want, and make your selection, all with one finger and one control!

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Tech Industry by Michelle Agga Nov 26, It uses the tiny “SmartMedia” removable-memory cards, and comes equipped with a 4 MB unit.

Herewith are the key characteristics of the ePhotoranked in a completely arbitrary order reflecting our own personal biases and dispositions ;- Megapixel Zoom Digital Camera provides three resolution settings up to x pixels interpolated.

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Agfa ePhoto – digital camera Series Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Even under “normal” daylight illumination, we found that a manual white point setting produced subtle but definite improvements in color rendition.

Agfa ePhoto 1680

As has become our custom, we’ll list the various controls, menus, and options in outline format below, with brief explanations of each item:. As a minor aside, we liked the fact that we could change the SmartMedia card and change the batteries! Connecting the ePhoto to a computer is equally simple: Excellent resolution and ephooto Pictar Pro makes your phone feel more like a premium camera It even adds a viewfinder.

As to user interface, the import process is much like that of any other camera we’ve tested: Overall, a agda nice capability!

Agfa ePhoto 1680 – digital camera Series

The result is a more accurate white balance than one based on a preset, fixed approximation of typical values for fluorescent lighting, etc.

Set a new white point by aiming the camera at a desired white area and capturing the “neutral” color data. Like most digicams, the can only interpret its own JPEG files – If the files have been altered in any way even just opened and re-saved in an imaging programthe camera won’t be able to read them. We examine the captured images to be sure we’ve gotten the framing right, but don’t run them through the cameras’ software unless necessary to exercise a particular feature, and then never until after the shooting session is over.

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Despite its excellent performance with “natural” images though, the PhotoGenie technology actually hurt the camera’s performance in the official resolution test: A simple push of the Info button on the left-side of the LCD display returns the camera to normal operation. Agfa ePhoto – digital camera ephoto As with other swivel-lensed cameras, we found the tilting capability of the viewfinder and lens to be a big plus for capturing images from odd angles.

Agfa ePhoto – Digital Camera | eBay

Six external flash settings available, combining three possible lens apertures with two possible shutter speeds. We were surprised to find Agfa’s own shutter-lag rating rather conservative, since our measurements consistently found the agfz lag under this condition to be only 0.

Smart Home by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, We were very impressed with the image quality of the ePhoto The has an ingenious arrangement for connecting to an external flash unit. Included Memory Card Capacity.

Insert the V 3. When output on our inkjet printer, the results looked just fine.