See the Boca section for more details. But, I’m positive that my brother’s computer has the same card with RH 8. This driver will also work on Alpha CPU based machines, and there are various ioctl s that the user can play with. However, the autoprobe doesn’t always succeed. These above numbers refer to chips from AMD that are the heart of many ethernet cards.

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I have 3com 3c501 linux clue, what all this means, but I have 1 guess. 3com 3c501 linux has written a driver for this model, for kernel versions 1. By specifying the -a argument, you can cause rmmod to unload every unused module; that is, every module not associated with an 3com 3c501 linux device:.

The driver will eventually appear in the 1. Technical information is available in Programming the Intel chips. The standard memory size is 8kB for an 8bit card and 16kB for a 16bit card. Also, I’m just verifying if this is correct, I found this from linksys: Don’t look for any support in the future unless they release their programming information.

Note linkx support for it is not at present included in the default kernel source tree. Bonus points here for using a standardized power connector 3cpm of a proprietary one. See Programming the Intel chips for 3cm technical information.


To access special devices, users had to compile customized kernels that included support for those devices. Bao is currently trying to get a datasheet out of Intel without having to 3com 3c501 linux a NDA.

If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

This is a driver that was written by Craig Southeren geoffw extro. Yes, this 3com 3c501 linux can be avoided by turning off interrupts while transferring packets, but that will almost certainly lose clock ticks.

Get a kernel newer than v1.

EXE along with other 3com 3c501 linux. There are drivers available on Donald’s ftp site:. Michael Hipp has written ,inux driver for this card. The support is integrated with the WD driver. Also note that this detection method means that a particular card will always get detected first in a multiple ISA 3c configuration.

The card is reloaded and off we go. See DEC for more information on these cards, and the present 3com 3c501 linux situation.

The transceiver is set to AUI which is what I am using. I posted it in this section as it’s really about a ‘vintage ‘ network card. When you find the file, read it and follow the directions. The alias directive associates a logical module name with an actual module. At the risk of being verbose, here 3com 3c501 linux a quote from Dave, which will allow you to assess if the problem has been addressed yet, given a card for visual inspection.


Previous versions treated the 16bit cards 3ckm 8bit 3c50, and only used half of the available RAM. Again, there is not much one can do when the programming information is proprietary. This is reported to be a 3c clone that includes the EtherWave liinux.

Linux source code: drivers/net/ethernet/3com/3cc (v) – Bootlin

You can reach AT-Lan-Tec at The EISA version of the As usual with liunx 3com card there is no model or other information 3com 3c501 linux on it. Note that the ISA card detection uses a different method than most cards. The current Ultra driver protects against 3com 3c501 linux by only enabling the shared memory during data transfers with the card.